Client Reviews

Jeff is a perfect agent to work with during this exteremly hectic sellers market. He never loses his sense of humor or smarts. He is always positive. His beckground in the housing and business community is invaluable. All sellers and buyers should be so lucky to have Jeff as an agent. You will receive 100 percent plus service with Jeff. He never loses his focus on what is needed for the sale of your home and providesan extremely smooth process. Can't write enough positives about Jeff as an agent.

Sold single family home in April 2016


Jeff ensures good communication throughout the search, buying and selling process. He supports and facilitates and goes above and beyond to ensure your needs are met–sometimes for things you didn't even realize you needed! He provides more than "customer service," he provides customer care.

-Bought a Single Family home in September 2015 in Broadview, Seattle, WA


We are very satisfied with the service Jeff provided. He was patient, attentive and professional throughout. The sale was complicated by contractor work orders and a seller hold-back that required a lot of back and forth communication and many site visits by Jeff.  He provided creative solutions to problems as they arose and really went the extra mile. I don't think the sale would have been completed without his shepherding us through the process.

-Bought a Single Family home in February 2015



I have been personally involved with several real estate transactions over the years with a number of real estate agents. Without a doubt, Jeff Saeger is the best agent with whom I have dealt. Clearly he has a high level of knowledge about the Seattle real estate scene and in my experience with him he went well above and beyond the call of duty on my behalf in securing my new home. Since my computer was temporarily disabled and my printer had seen its last days Mr. Saeger brought his desktop computer to my home to enable me to take a certification exam in order to take advantage of a tax credit program provided by the State of WA.

Furthermore, he made special trips to my home countless times to answer questions and to explain the transaction process in a state in which I had not experienced the purchase of a new home.

He attended the signing of the closure papers at Ballard Escrow with me although this was not required. His negotiation skills were excellent in dealing with the seller's agent and overall Mr. Saeger performed an outstanding service to me, functioned as a strong advocate and I am well aware of the many challenges I presented. He exhibited amazing patience and endurance in dealing with the challenges! Overall, I give him an outstanding rating and would absolutely not hesitate to recommend him to others who are interested in the purchase of a home.

-Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Loyal Heights, Seattle, WA


We had a great experience finding a home with Jeff. He is great to work with and felt that he genuinely wanted to find us a house that we really liked – that he's not just in it to close a deal. The Seattle market is extremely competitive and we faced multiple offer scenarios on every house we looked at. Jeff came up with great strategies to deal with this. Jeff was also never pushy and we always felt like he had our back. He has a lot of home knowledge and would point things out that we would've never noticed (good or bad). This was extremely helpful b/c we didn't always want to do an inspection. He was also always on time and extremely responsive with calls/emails. Finally, while Jeff is very professional, he also has a great sense of humor, which we found very pleasant given that house hunting can sometimes be quite stressful! Would highly recommend Jeff!

-Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA


We were using Redfin when we met Jeff at an open house. With Redfin, we were able to arrange tours, but many good properties went pending before our tour could even be held. In addition, we would often walk into homes that looked good from the listing, but we could tell as soon as we entered the house that it wouldn't work for us.

We wanted to find an agent who could not only get us in to see houses earlier, but also help us find properties that would match our particular requirements for areas of the city, location of bedrooms, and size and layout of property. After every house we saw, Jeff listened carefully to our thoughts and molded his search to match our desires.

In addition to sending us auto-generated searches, if Jeff thought we would be interested in a particular house, he sent us the listing. If we liked the property, Jeff would go see it first — usually within a couple hours if he could coordinate that with the selling agent. That meant we would only have to take the time to go see the homes Jeff had already vetted for us. He seemed to be available for showings any time we were. The one time he was out of town when we wanted to see a property, he quickly set up an appointment for us with another agent from his office.

We made two offers that were not accepted. In the first case, the house sold for far above our escalation clause. In the second, we lost to an all cash offer. The third time was the charm, as well as being an FSBO. I'm convinced we only won that house because Jeff saw it and did what was necessary to get us a showing before many other agents had a chance. The house didn't have a lock box and when we arrived, it wasn't left unlocked as the owner said it would be. Jeff kept making attempts to contact the owner and was able to coordinate another visit for us that evening.

I'm sure FSBOs can all be challenging at times, but this one was especially so. The owner tried to back out of the offer soon after it was signed because another agent hinted he could get a better offer. Jeff made sure the owner understood what had already been signed, and counseled us through what we thought was a necessary price increase to make sure we had a solid deal.

Jeff stayed on top of all parts of the sale through closing to make sure all necessary tasks were completed — both on the seller's side, and ours. He successfully negotiated the seller paying a portion of the closing costs when a serious issue was discovered during inspection, checked on the seller to make sure move out was proceeding as expected, and visited the house with us the evening move out was to happen. When it was clear the seller wouldn't be out that evening, he discussed options with us and we agreed to give the seller until the next morning. He returned with us the next morning to make sure the seller was truly out and even brought his truck to haul to the dump some things the seller had left behind.

I really can't say enough great things about Jeff. We have a rental property that we are holding on to for now, but when it comes time to sell we will definitely be calling Jeff.

-Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $450K in Wedgwood, Seattle, WA

-Sold multi-family home in Eastlake October 2015


From the very beginning, Jeff demonstrated his commitment to us by approaching our buy/sell position with a great deal of energy and initiative. We had seen a property near Port Townsend that we were interested in buying, but we needed to sell our house in Ballard. Jeff not only negotiated a great price for us, he knew who to ask about financing options, and was tenacious about following through on every detail! We were always able to reach him, and if we had a question that he didn't know the answer to, he would quickly find out and respond. We were extremely impressed with his responsiveness and marketing skills. He was instrumental in effectively presenting our Ballard house for sale. The house was in good shape, but he was able to point out all the details that needed attention to make it look it's best. The house sold for full price in 3 days!

-Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $1.0M in Sunset Hill, Seattle, WA


We met Jeff at an open house when we were looking for a new home. He outlined a plan to have him help with that search, and over the next months we worked together as we canvassed our desired locations for a house. During our search, we looked at a number of homes. Jeff listened to our desires and concerns about the various homes we saw, and acted on those and adapted our house hunting accordingly. At all times Jeff was professional while at the same time making the process enjoyable. And when we finally found the house we bought, Jeff was very helpful with any issues that came up all the way through closing. If you’re looking for a new home, and want to work with someone who is professional, and who will work collaboratively with you and make house hunting enjoyable, we recommend using Jeff as your Realtor.

-Bought a home in 2011